Here at James Wu Studio, we work with all types of clients, from individuals, to community ensembles, to professional arts organizations.


“We have been very fortunate at Midsummer Sound Festival to have gotten in on the ground floor of James Wu’s work as a recording engineer. His extensive background in piano and conducting allows him to find the ideal balance and sonority, even without input from our admittedly very picky faculty artists. He also easily includes exceptional video quality with his work, which is such an integral component to capture performance élan. James merges his passion for music with his tech know-how to produce exceptional recordings, and we are grateful for capturing our performances in such high fidelity."

"(James was) quick to respond to our issues, created YouTube videos that were simple and easy to follow to help us set up our computers, trouble shot the problems we encountered and were always pleasant to deal with."

Claremont CSM

"Being a non-profit organization, CCSM relies on the support from the community in order to operate. Individuals like James Wu, who volunteer and give back, make an enormous impact on our community and school mission."

Other organizations or individuals we have worked with: